Ruud Mountain

Ruud Mountain trails are for Hiking and Ski Mountaineering only. Mountain Bikes are not allowed. This is a well-maintained trail and is substantially less crowded than its Proctor Mountain counterpart. A 5.25-mile loop with a 1,900-foot elevation rise is the star attraction although most just climb to the top of the Ruud Chair Lift and back. Access to a good map of the trails is a good idea. The Ruud Mountain Chair Lift is often mistaken as being the first Chair Lift in the world, however, it is not. The first chairs were constructed on Proctor and Dollar Mountains back in 1936 while the Ruud Mountain Chair was constructed in 1937. History Link. This hike shares trails with Proctor Mountain. Fishing opportunities exist on Trail Creek for Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Brook Trout. 

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