Hell Roaring

Hell Roaring and Imogene drainages are among the most beautiful and scenic in the Sawtooth Wilderness.  All areas, including access roads lie on public lands. Opportunities to hike, mountain bike, fish, ski and climb are abundant.  Two access points are available.  One open to all vehicles while the other only accessible to the sturdiest high clearance vehicles.  Electric bikes are only allowed on the road areas and not on any trails. Mountain Bikes are not allowed beyond the Wilderness Boundaries.  Fishing opportunities are prevalent in nearly all the high mountain lakes while stream fishing for Eastern Brook Trout can sometimes be spectacular in Hell Roaring creek and its tributary beaver ponds and lakes. Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout and Eastern Brookies will be your fish of choice in the alpine lake and stream regions.  Waterfalls are also abundant and spectacular in many of the drainages.  Hell Roaring and Imogen Lakes were stocked with Eastern Brook Trout back in the early 1900s by local miners and ranchers of the Stanley Basin.  Eastern Brookies are prolific breeders and tend to outproduce and outnumber any other species of trout stocked by the Idaho Fish and Game.  As a result, in the main drainages of Hell Roaring and Imogene Lakes, Brook Trout will dominate.  See the “interactive map” for Idaho Fish and Game stoking schedules of each Mountain Lake and Stream.  Link to “how to fish” Idaho’s alpine environments. Brook Trout are identified by light to white markings against a dark bodied background.  Cutthroat Trout are identified by dark markings against a light bodied background.    Climbing opportunities of the 2nd and 3rd highest summits in the Sawtooths are also available from these drainages. While most climbing ascents of Decker Peak, the Sawtooth’s third highest, are accomplished from the Cramer Lakes drainage, Decker Peak can also be easily conquered from Hell Roaring Drainage side. See the “interactive map” for details.  Skiing descents of Decker and Cramer Peaks were first publicized in 1952 and accomplished by two members of the Sun Valley, Idaho Ski School.  Link to Sun Valley Alpine Touring History.   

Interactive Map

Directions to Main Trailhead

Directions to Jeep Only Trailhead