Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain was first developed in 1939 at the directions of Averell Harriman, Sun Valley’s Founder, and Friedl Pfeifer, Sun Valley’s 2nd Ski School Director. Harriman’s influences with the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration procured the assistance of the Civilian Conservation Corps to build the trails and cut the trees on Bald Mountain (CCC). The CCC was a depression error program to put young men to work in the nation’s forests, parks, and rangelands.  Link to the history of Bald Mountain. In general Bald Mountain is steep and difficult for both Mountain Biking and Hiking. Hikers can walk to the summit and take the lifts down in the summer months. Lunches are available at the Round House as well. Mountain Bikers can use the lifts to take their bikes to the summit during the summer months. 

Interactive Map

Directions to Cold Springs Trailhead

Directions to River Run Trailhead

Directions to Warm Springs Trailhead