Mount Borah is Idaho’s highest summit. Back in the 1920’s however that was not the known case. Hyndman Peak near Sun Valley and even Castle Peak in the Boulder-White Cloud Wilderness were once declared Idaho’s highest. Back then due to the remoteness of Idaho’s central mountains, little was known of their elevations. Borah is not an easy climb with nearly a 5,500-foot vertical ascend from the trailhead and 8-mile round trip, it is considered one of the most challenging in the state. It is also one of the most treacherous climbs with 3 deaths recorded since 1977. Early season climbs in May, June, and possibly early July are not recommended due to snow, ice, and avalanche hazards. No water exists on the climb and afternoon thunderstorms can also add to the hazardous conditions. Do not take your dog. A hit-and-miss trail to the summit guides your way. When reaching “Chicken-Out Ridge” staying-scrambling on the north wall of the ridge will give the best chances for success. Borah was skied in late June of 1952 by members of the Sun Valley Ski School.

Borah on the Horizon as Viewed from the summit of Mount Church
Borah on the left as viewed from Mount Idaho Lost River Mountains

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